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To become a successful trader, a person must be able to collect and analyze the economic information that affects the fluctuation of the foreign exchange market. As a matter of fact, this is the main part of the work. The trader should understand the fluctuation of the currency exchange and its prices, as well as when is the right time to buy or sell the trading currencies in the market. So, Forex market analytics will help the trader to all that important information.


Fundamental and technical analysis: What is it?
These types of analysis are the main topics that underpin Forex market analytics. Also, there are tools of the fundamental analysis that help to monitor and evaluate the main macroeconomic indicators, such as the GDP, the interest rates of National Central Banks, the level of unemployment and employment, and the business activity. In addition, here may be included the analysis and forecasts of currency fluctuations, depending on the specific economic and political events and Forex news. Analytics from the position of technical analysis is the forecast of price fluctuations that utilizes the statistical and mathematical signals and indicators. As to the fundamental analysis, the trader determines the main trading strategy, and when using the technical one, the trader selects a specific trading strategy.

Analytics and forecasting
Analytics of Forex foreign exchange market is based on the financial forecasts, depending on the period it may be a short-term, a medium-term or a long-term. Today, Forex analytics relates to the short-term. To get the successful trading, the trader must have the Daily Wave Analysis of currency pairs.  The medium-term forecasting analytics covers a period of one week to one month, and the long-term forecasting analysis covers the period from one month to one year or more. Periods that show long standing trends in the market are very good material for the evaluation and analysis of the financial situation in Forex market, and the analytics deals with that as well. Trend forecasting is based on the evaluation of financial data and the trends reported for a long period, and it is done for the future as well.

Analytics: Where do we get it, and which one to use?
Most of the dealing centers offer their customers free Forex market analysis. The best Forex analysis is the one that tried and tested by the many professional traders. The special Internet portals could be used as the examples created for the analysis and forecasting in Forex market.

Analysis: This is not a dogma, but it is a guidance to act
It should be kept in mind that any Forex analytics for the past period is good material for evaluation of the situation in the future. However, the trend analysis of currency fluctuations provides only the most expected option of events in the Forex market. There are too many factors that affect the market fluctuation, and all of them could not be forecasted even by the best Forex professional analysts. The financial forecasts are going to be discussed in the next topic, which will make an example of Forex analytics for the future.

Today, Forex analytics is an integrated system of methods, including both types of analysis (technical and fundamental). For those who want thoroughly to study Forex as the trading system, they need to understand what Forex analytics is today. Having the skills of analysis, the trader can be sure of good results with Forex trading.

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