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Forecast content and its types
As it has been already mentioned, Forex market forecasts can be the short-term, the medium-term and the long term. Forex analytics, trend forecast, as well as the short-term fluctuations are forecasting subjects in Forex market. Forex currency forecast is a major component of the currency market analysis.

Generally, the short-term forecast is for a period ranging from one day to a week. Forex forecast for the currency market fluctuations that ranges from one week to one month is considered as the medium-term, and from month to a year or more is the long-term. Dealing companies provide Forex forecast for free.

What is Forex forecast?
Any Forex forecast includes a brief description of the economic events that occurred during the specific period, and often this section is called "Market Focus".

The second part, which Forex market forecast contains, is dedicated to fundamental analysis, namely the analysis of the economic events that will occur during this period. This forecast focuses on the important events that occur in different countries. Undoubtedly, this will be reflected in the price fluctuations on their currencies.

In the third part, Forex currency forecast reflects the situation of the technical analysis in accordance with a particular trade strategy that shows the levels of support and resistance currency of the currency. It also provides recommendations for opening, closing or withholding foreign currency positions.

The special attention is paid to forecast of the major currency pair fluctuations, such as EUR/USD and USD/JPY. Forex forecast for EUR/USD is one of the major ones. It can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Any self-respecting trader should always have handy "Forex Analytics and Forecasts" section

Short-term forecast features
Daily Forex forecast is the most popular and the most accurate of all. The distinguishing feature of a number of prominent dealing centers is accurate Forex forecast for the day. Besides, almost all dealing centers provide online Forex forecasts for their clients, making it easy to trade in the foreign exchange market. It is important to remember that any Forex forecast, including daily is always probable, and it analyzes the most possible existing scenarios. Daily Forex forecasts are the necessary tools for daily trading. However, the market may surprise ... Therefore the best Forex forecasts are those that come true with the high accuracy. Thus, Daily Forex forecast is one of the most important and popular among the professionals and beginning traders. Having handy such a convenient tool like free Forex forecasts, the traders are very comfortable to do the foreign exchange trading. Forex forecasts for tomorrow come out at the beginning of the day. Daily Forex forecast may change and updated in real time, so it's important to monitor it.

Forex forecast for the week also refers to the short-term. The financial event analysis for the coming week is important for those traders who trade for a long time interval. A distinctive feature from the daily forecast is not only the period of analysis of the market, but a number of factors that affect the market. Forex forecast for the week may be less accurate than the daily one, but it is a reliable tool in the planning of Forex trading.

Medium-term forecasts, starting from one week to a month
As a rule, the medium-term forecasts are given for the period from one week to a month. If we study the annual EUR/USD timetable, we can prolong the course of events for a sufficiently long period in the future. EUR/USD forecast for the month is usually given at the end of previous year or at the beginning of next month, and it is based on the analysis of past events in the market for the previous period, as well as those that are coming in the next month. Forex euro forecast in the market could be fairly easy found for any period of time by any trader.

Long-term forecasts, trend fluctuations
Forex market forecasts for a period from one month to one year are related to the long-term. Usually, these forecasts are given monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. A very important role in the preparation of these forecasts plays the technical analysis, because it is not always possible to use the techniques of fundamental analysis at such time intervals. Forex forecast for the quarter may reflect the currency trend fluctuations during this period. Forex Analytics, trend forecast for a longer period of time (from six months up to a year) is quite interesting, but at the same time it is complicated, as the accuracy of these forecasts is relatively low. Forex long-term forecast is usually less accurate, and it has less probability, however it is good for the forecast and analysis of long-term trends of currency fluctuations in the future.

Forex gold forecast is another type of analysis in perspective. Since the gold has been the most liquid precious metal forever, so the forecast price fluctuations for it is the most interesting to the traders.

Regardless of a period for which the forecasts are made, they have only advisory opinion. The decision always takes the trader. Forex forecast for today, Forex forecast for tomorrow, Forex forecast for every day, week, or month always have some degree of confidence, so the trader should not blindly trust them and feel the pulse of the market. Namely, this intuition is called professionalism.

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