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How do I start?

How do I become a trader? How do I become a professional trader? Could this turn into a profession? How do I make money on Forex? These questions concern those, who are interested in trading on Forex market.
It takes some time to become the professional trader, and this is a fascinating and hard work. Very often, people who begin practicing on a demo account after a while become the professional traders, as Forex gives this opportunity to all. A daily turnover of this market is nearly four billion dollars, and it is possible to earn at least a little piece of that amount. How is this achieved?

An ancient Chinese proverb says, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". The way to the heights of success in the Forex market begins with reading these lines.

Did you read them?

Let's start!

Open a demo account
It's quite simple. The demo account is the best training simulator to master your skills and to use the gained knowledge. Once you have succeeded in the demo account, and your profit grows steadily, even virtual, you can open a real account and start trading with the real small money.

Trader’s commandments
In our daily life, we keep the safety rules, as well as Forex has its own trading rules. First, you must manage your finances. The simplest and most important of them is that you never use for trading borrowed funds or your last money. This is the first commandment of the trader. Forex trading is not a casino game, and this is a hard work.

The second rule is that the trader must constantly learn new things. Forex does not stand in place, so it is necessary for the trader to study the professional literature, strategy analysis, as well as the governing rules of the capital.
Today, almost any information is available on the internet, and the main thing is to find that information.

Miki Forex is the way to the heights of mastery
Entrusted financial management is a top level of the trader. This allows making big money, and it gives the professional and moral satisfaction. This requires only intellectual efforts. However, to become a trading manager of an investment portfolio, you need to have the appropriate knowledge and the trading experience in Forex market.

Miki Forex offers you to start this financial journey, and you will make your first steps with us. We are ready helping you effectively in this new journey for you.

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