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Free Seminar

Forex financial market became a constant source of income for many people a long ago, and the trading in this market gives material and moral satisfaction to the traders. However, any work including the trading in Forex market implies a self-education. No one can become a professional without the appropriate knowledge and experience in any trade. Forex market offers unlimited opportunities to make good money. However, in order to succeed, it requires from the trader continuous learning and the self-education, because the market does not stay in place and its changes require new approaches and new knowledge.

How do we understand the intricacies of the market? How do we increase our income from currency trading? How do we limit our market losses and avoid common mistakes that make beginning traders? Miki Forex Company offers to take some Forex trading courses in Israel.

Namely, it is free seminar
This seminar introduces the trading in Forex market, including the main types of analysis. You will learn how to evaluate correctly the arising situation in the market and how to use indicators of currency trading. Also, you will learn how to reduce the risks and increase your income, how to distribute properly the invested money, and many other questions will get answered in the training course at the seminar. Moreover, you will be able to start making money on currency trading right after the first seminar, getting your own trading experience.

Also, we provide an individual approach that is another good advantage of free Forex seminar in Israel. As personal ignorance and disbelief lead to the mistakes and the financial losses. Therefore, Forex seminar will help you to overcome these fears and became a successful trader. The basis of all financial transactions is development of strategies and tactics. Right or wrong choice can lead to your success or failure in Forex trading. The representatives of our company will teach you successful strategies in the simple way.

This Miki Forex free seminar is made for the beginners, as well as for those who already have an idea of the trading in Forex market and want to increase the effectiveness of their work. The seminar program could be adjusted depending on the level of traders’ knowledge.

We invite all people interested in taking the introductory seminars on a topic, "How to make money in the Forex market in Israel". You will learn the basics of Forex market and understand that having only a personal computer or a tablet you will be able to make money trading the world currency in the market.


The seminar program

  • Company and its services
  • Introduction to Forex currency market and the principle of trading system
  • Trading platform MetaTrader 4
  • Equipment and trading strategy for profit
  • Demonstration of the real trading transactions

The seminars are held at our office

33 Jabotinsky Street
Twin Tower 1
5th floor, office 503
Ramat Gan, Israel

All people interested in taking the introductory seminars, please contact us at phone  972 (0)3-7518111 or online chat.


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